Jennifer Shafer recently presented the final report of the Transportation and Redevelopment Action Committee (TRAC) to the Sarasota County Commission. Tim Dutton, Executive Director of the sponsoring organization SCOPE, praised Jennifer’s leadership: “Dr. Shafer stepped up as both a citizen and as a gifted professional to lead an innovative process of civic engagement. As chair of the citizen group, Jennifer was called upon to convey complex ideas generated through the many steps of the year-long process. Her understanding of the dynamics of development and the nuances of power and personality in the context of citizen ownership made a big difference.” TRAC chose Bee Ridge Road as a case-study for transforming Sarasota’s tired and sprawling corridors using TOD principles to achieve walkable mixed-use neighborhoods connected by multi-modal transit. By distilling hundreds of ideas contributed by citizens participating in Focus Groups, TRAC identified 21 guiding principles to serve as a road map for elected officials, county planners, businesses and neighborhoods. Link to video – Agenda Item 11