Jennifer Shafer lead a seminar and workshop featuring remote sensing and geographic information systems as tools for monitoring and modeling plant and animal populations and their habitats. The workshop was held at the Teachers Institute for Conservation Biology, sponsored and conducted by the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka City, FL. “Her performance was outstanding,” said Dr. Mike Stuart, team leader and Professor Emeritus of Biology at UNC. “Dr. Shafer provided detailed instructions and information prior to the course and followed up with both an excellent presentation and hands-on instruction on how to use the technology. Dr. Shafer is clearly well versed in the biological science behind the technology, but she is also an outstanding teacher. Dr. Shafer and her company would be my first choice for any project involving complex data analyses of environmental issues or in teaching others how to understand the myriad issues in land use. I look forward to utilizing her skills and expertise again in future programs.”